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Parenting In Grace

If grace is also truth, then grace is a great and powerful model for parenting. The word “grace” actually means unmerited favor from God, meaning, we don’t get what we deserve but we get the kingdom of God. This is … Continue reading

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Why Am I Freezing?

The baby Polar Bear said to the Papa Polar Bear, “Dad, tell me the truth, am I really a polar bear, no brown bear, no black bear, no panda bear!?” The Papa polar bear said, “Yes son, I am a … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Not Condemning Rick Warren

I am an absolute lover and pro-claimer of truth, but it is not often I write or even speak about such matters of truth. I always write and speak to lift people up, because that’s what the truth is designed … Continue reading

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The Cycles (Part Seven)

The Cycles (Part Seven) “Nine” Part Series LET’S MEET THE CHARACTERS God’s character and the gift of His salvation absolutely contradict and obliterate everything in the shame message that says you are defective, unworthy, unloved, or unaccepted. Instead of the … Continue reading

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It’s Easy

Once a boy tried to take a bone from a dog. Unwilling to let go of his bone, the dog bit him. His father said, “Here, let me take the bone away from the dog.” Soon the father came back … Continue reading

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The Masterpiece Is A Process

The creation of a masterpiece is usually not the result of some brief, haphazard effort. The Mona Lisa required four years for Da Vinci to complete. In fact, x-rays have shown that there are three previous versions of the painting … Continue reading

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Transforming Love

God loves us in the same way that God loves God. The measure of the Father’s love for Jesus is the measure of His love for us. This is the ultimate statement of our worth to God. This reality gives … Continue reading

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Are We Holy?

I know some of you will have a hard time accepting that you are now holy before God, a living sacrifice, and that our holy God is always happy with you.  When I teach about the bridal paradigm in conferences, … Continue reading

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Jesus Speaks of Night and Day Prayer

  In Luke 18, Jesus provoked His disciples by challenging their traditions. He asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). His question is a warning to Christians who would limit the … Continue reading

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God’s promises are eternal and full of life and truth. I will put my Spirit in you and you will live…(Ezekiel 37:14 NIV). What could be more frustrating than being a Christian who thinks of themselves as a self–centered sinner, … Continue reading

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