God Is Calling Us Up

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I write this blog for January 2013 to thank you for being a prophetic messenger as you bring heaven to the earth!

As we move into 2013, the earth is in a huge transitional season. An amazing prophetic whirlwind has been swirling.  Jesus alone can transform the nations but yet we have been given His inheritance. Therefore we claim the nations for Him.

I sense we are in a birthing moment where we are to give ourselves to an increased call to intimacy, power and authority in the Kingdom of God. I believe we are at a hinge moment in history. God is speaking clearly through the weather, the economy, the governments, wars, rumors of war, lawlessness and more. These signs are clearly speaking to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the eminent return of our Savior, Friend and King, Jesus (see Matthew 24). A massive shift is upon us. These signs are not to be feared; as a matter of fact these signs are God’s perfect voice from heaven declaring a holy and powerful moment in history is beginning. God is not calling us to look backwards. Some believe that God is calling us forward. I actually believe God is calling us up to stare into His beautiful face. Being fascinated with His face is where intimacy, power and authority rest. God is calling you and me into the greatest role in human history and it begins in His presence.

If you are pressed in on all sides, if you are frustrated with your life or the church, if you cannot see past tomorrow, then nurturing the presence of God is for you and it begins in this moment!

Here is a shock statement for you! God is not beginning His advance. To say He is beginning to advance implies that He was not advancing in the past. On the contrary, He always has been and always will be advancing. But, I would suggest that God is opening the hearts and minds of His church into the advancement and promotion of His church, especially in 2013. God is more desirous of us than we are Him. He is OK with our weaknesses. He never confuses immaturity with rebellion. Listen to this passage that strengthens me from Isaiah 60:1-3 (NKJV).

Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.

This is who you are my friends; you are the light of the world. When darkness comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a His church. The stars are constantly shinning yet they shine the most when it is dark.  You will experience more of His light as you dwell on Him and renew your mind with truth. With that said, let me introduce to you the 20X3 Challenge. Below is some information to launch you into the 20X3 Challenge, but you can fully download the 20X3 Challenge at www.kenwinton.org on the home page, just look for 20X3 Challenge icon.


Experts say it takes approximately 60 concurrent days to form a new habit. Why so long? We have designed this challenge in three 20-day increments because there is a physical change that must occur in the brain and this simply takes time.

You will enjoy each segment and move into the next segments with anticipation. Along the way, you will grow to love meditating on God’s word and the process of transformation (renewing your mind) will be well underway.


Many followers of Christ feel the reason they continue to sin is because they still have a sin nature. In reality we continue to sin because we do not have a renewed mind. Listen to Paul express this in Romans 12:2 (NASB),

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

We become like the object of our focus.  In other words, the object we focus on will transform us! The goal is to be with God, spend time daily meditating in His word and letting His truth permeate you.  Let the reality of who He is and who He says you are become the habit of your thinking.


My dad use to say, “Son, a man is only as good as his tools.” In other words, it would be extremely slow—if not impossible—to build a house if you had no tools. Use these tools to help you meditate on Scripture and to understand who God says you are to Him!


“RWSSP” (I must honor Kirk Bennett for this acronym.)


Read the passage of Scripture 10 times.

Read it slowly, literally, and aloud. There is no magic in reading the passage 10 times, but reading the passage multiple times will help renew your mind. There is something profound about saying the verse out loud. It keeps your mind from wandering.

Write out the passage of Scripture 10 times.

If you are using a computer, it is not fair using “control copy, control paste”! There is something unique about writing or typing out the passage you are meditating on. You are beginning to repeat it in your mind, which is the process of renewing your mind.

Say the passage of Scripture aloud.

Say it with passion and zeal. Say it in your own words. You will form your own love language to communicate with God. Say it until you get it.

Here is an example of “reading a passage” such as Psalm 18:19. “He delivered me because he delighted in me.” But, saying it in your own words might sound something like this: “You rescued me from lies, and You have given me the truth of Your Son Jesus. Because I am Yours, You are happy with me.”

Sing the passage of Scripture aloud.

Singing acappella works, but if you don’t play an instrument such as guitar or piano, then use an instrumental CD or MP3 player. The Sustained Meditation CD can be ordered from www.kenwinton.org. Remember, the goal is not to finish, but to interact with the lover of your soul. So take your time singing.

I often find myself singing through a passage for a brief bit of time. Then I create a chorus and sing it for a while. Using Psalms 18:19, “He delivered me because he delighted in me,” I might sing a chorus like this. “You are my great rescuer and You delight in me.” I sing it over and over again. Again, the reason we sing a phrase or chorus over and over again is not so God will get it, but so that we will get it!

Pray the passage over yourself.

Ask God to give you revelation into who He is and who you are to Him. Allow me to illustrate using Psalms 18:19: He delivered me because he delighted in me. You might pray something like this.

“Father this day I want you to show me how You have delivered me from lies. This day I want you to renew my mind with Your truth. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, show me Your Son Jesus. I want more revelation of Him. Show me today how you see me. All throughout the day, I want to hear the words that You are speaking over me. Thank you, Father, that you take delight in me, in Jesus’ name.”

Ok, are you ready for the advancement in 2013? Thenenjoy Him, because He sure enjoys you! Remember you can download the complete 20X3 Challenge at www.kenwinton.org


About Ken Winton

Ken Winton is a transparent conversationalist; his inspiring teachings have motivated companies of people around the world into living their lives lighter. Ken is edgy, relatable, some times a goof, but always influential. Ken is an international speaker, author, musician and hosts his own radio show, podcasts and blogs and most of all, loves to go on walks with his wife Becky. When Ken is not on the road he frequents his favorite coffeehouse to sip on a cup of caffeine and chat with the locals. Ken resides in Chico California with his wife, three kids, two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law and a whole mob of five glorious grand-kids. And, by the way each grandchild is his favorite.
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